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AD9361 LPC interface clock rate

Question asked by jsn on Nov 9, 2015
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According to the AD9361 datasheet, each 6 pairs DDR LVDS interface can clock up to 245.76 MHz. Using 2 * 6 pairs allows to make 2x2 MIMO FDD with up to 61.44 MSPS.


On the FMCOMMS2, it seems these 2 * 6 pairs LDVS interfaces of the LPC interface are clocked at only 122.88 MHz.

Please see the block diagram on the wiki.


This limits 2x2 MIMO FDD to 30.72 MSPS.


Why these LPC interface pairs are clocked at only 122.88 MHz ?

Can we increase this clock rate up to 245.76 MHz ?

If not, why ?

If yes, can this rate work with the Zynq 7010 as we have on the Zedboard ?


Thanks a lot for your kind help and support.


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