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FMCDAQ2+KCU105 DHCP issues

Question asked by ic70 on Nov 9, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by mhennerich

I have an FMCDAQ2 connected to a KCU105 fpga board.

I built the bitstream from the Analog Devices HDL master, and the corresponding Linux image, as detailed in the Wiki.

Many times (9/10 times), the Linux image will fail to obtain a DHCP address, so I have to re-download the bitstream and rerun the linux image.

I have changed ethernet cables, I have tried powering the fpga board on and off, and I have tried restarting Vivado SDK, but there does not seem to be anything systematic I can do to get DHCP working the first time every time.

The IIO Oscilloscope will not connect to the FMCDAQ2 in this state.


Is this a known issue?

Does anyone have a workaround?

It is very very frustrating,

- Ian