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BF70x SPI access example DMA mode driver

Question asked by Employee on Nov 9, 2015
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I am using BF707 EZ-BRD, rev1.0,  and CCES2.1.0.0 with default SPI device driver.


1. By default, the SPI device driver example is BF707_spi_flashreadback, which applies interrupt mode for SPI read/write. It works on EZKIT.

2. My task is to customize the example to DMA mode for SPI read/write access, however, the example resulted failure(not able to get the expected value read from SPI flash), and not able to do continuous SPI read/write.


I went through the driver code, but no help as the comments in driver library code have no adequate details to guide me out.


Attached is my test .c file.