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ADXL312 noise

Question asked by power-man on Nov 9, 2015
Latest reply on May 7, 2016 by STallur

We have some questions.

It is helpful if you answer them.


#1 Noise performance on the datasheet P3

Is it same as op amp to consider the noise performance?


#2 Theory on the datasheet P10

It is hard to understand the comment, "Phasesensitive demodulation is used to determine the magnitude and polarity of the acceleration."

Is it possible for you to explain it in detail?


#3 Frequency response

It would be helpful if you share the graph about ADXL312's frequency response like figure 21 of ADXL375 datasheet.


#4 noise check

the output noise are bigger than we thought. It would be 0.2gp-p at Z Is this the normal or we can improve the noise level?

See attached file.


#5 clock accuracy for 3200Hz.and its jitter


#6 Does ADXL312have resonant frequency?