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Question asked by pepzaragoza on Nov 8, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by pepzaragoza

Hi everyone,


I've a trouble to understand how exactly AD9761 works. Referring to it's data sheet I don't understand the figure 11 of page 13.


I don't know how the signals (select, write and clock) have to interact to actualize DAC's outputs, I can see at the input pins that bits are sent correctly but the output doesn't work correctly, that's why I think it's a problem with that signals that are not well synchronized.


Another doubt is that in the data sheet says that I&Q current outputs work identically. Does it mean that the bits sent to the in-phase and to the quad-phase register have to be the same, so the output has to be also the same? Or bits sent to I&Q have to be different?


Could anyone help me with it?


Thanks a lot.