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AD9361 Initialization error in FMCOMMS5 with ZC702

Question asked by JensenSong on Nov 7, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by liuj

    A new AD-FMCOMMS5-Ebz board has been perchased, and we wanted to test FMCOMMS5 in carrier board of ZC702. So, we followed the guide  from "", and downloaded the hdl design files from "". Our development environment is listed below:

            1. software development platform: Vivado 2014.4.1;

            2. hardware development platform: ZC702 + FMCOMMS5;

By following the guide, we succeed in synthesis and implementation for the project of hdl_2015_r1, and finally generated the bit file.

    After finishing above, we explorted the bit file to SDK, and then new a application project in SDK. And then, we downloaded the source C file from "no-OS/ad9361/sw at 2015_R1 · analogdevicesinc/no-OS · GitHub", and followed the guide from "AD9361 No-OS Software [Analog Devices Wiki]". Finally, we builded the application project sucessfully.

    By following the guide, we programed the FPGA in SDK and run the project in board. In my serial port terminal, one message is displayed:

         ad9361_init : Unsupported PRODUCT_ID 0x0

         ad9361_init : AD9361 initialization error;

    We have exclude the reason from the power problem. The led light of DS24 in ZC702 is lightened, and the power about 3.3V , 5V ,1.3v in FMCOMMS5 were tested and they were normal.

    We can't solve the problem, Please help us, thanks a lot.