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AD8302 reflectometer 2.4GHz

Question asked by sonnekhoa on Nov 7, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by jdobler


I would like to use AD8302 to design a reflectometer at 2.4GHz. According to the datasheet page 17, the input impedance can be approximated by a shunt resistor in parallel with a capacitor. I want to use the circuit of reflectometer as shown in figure 13 page 20, I which matched the circuit with 50 Ohm system.


If I understand correctly, in one port matching, according to figure 13 in datasheet, I have to accounted for R1, C1, C4, and the internal capacitor 10 pF all connected with the shunt resistor in parallel with a capacitor as input interface approximation. Does it corrects?


I have include my simulation circuit for the circuit of AD8302simulationInput.png