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Frame Capture/ VideoGrabber() with BLIP-2 ADSP-BF707 in VOS Realtime example

Question asked by jmcvaney on Nov 7, 2015

I'm currently working on a university project using the BLIP-2 ADSP-BF707 Eval board.

Specifically working with the video occupancy sensor example. I'm wondering if there is some documentation on working with individual frames from the aptina sensor.


I see in the vos_realtime.c source file there are a few different methods which seem like they would be great places to grab individual frames from and save temporarily to do my own processing on and then output but I'm not sure I'm completely following how the frames are captured and output from the sensor to the GUI.


Anyone have some suggested reading or other resources I could check out to better understand this whole process?


Any insight is greatly appreciated-