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AD8857 gain problem

Question asked by hpkamen on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2015 by Emman.A

Dear Sir/Madam


I viewed a doc and videoabout  "based on AD855X programming gain device of pressure transmitter device of calibration system" of and i  feel it is very good,however, i have some issues about how to use it., please technology support engineers help I answers following of problem:

1, whether or not the calibration system could be used for calibrating AC signals, such as the magnification calibration of piezoelectric sensors output signal (AC signals)?

2.  i wonder  calibration system of single-chip microcomputer (ADuC841) acqurie AD855X output voltage signal , and does this signal feed to the hos
3. if it is used for gaining AC signal ,can we select the AC voltage multimeter stalls by changing the PC software

4, Can you provide a calibration system of single-chip and PC software source code,?

5, Is there product calibration system which be offered? Or country where i cant buy it?

Thank you!