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ADF4355-2 Register Hex Code Problem

Question asked by canberk_unal on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by rbrennan

Hi , i am working with ADF4355-2 now. I downloaded Analog devices' ADF4355-2 Evaluation Board Software but hex codes which are produced by software doesn't match with the ADF4355-2's data sheet .


For example for register 10 , with the settings below :


ADC Clock = 1

ADC Conversion = Disabled

ADC Enabled     = Disabled                                    Hex code must be = C0004A but software's is 60C0004A .


And Data sheet says "Bits[DB31:DB14] are reserved. Bits[DB23:DB22] must be set to 11, but all other bits in this range must be set to 0. "