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Questions on AD9262

Question asked by coolparam on Jun 8, 2011
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I have some questions the ADC AD9262


1.  In the data sheet, on page 24, it says "When 3.3 V voltage levels are  desirable, the DRVDD power supply must be set to 3.3 V. " It looks to me  like that when the DRVDD is 3.3V, all the digital output, including the  DA0~DA15 and DB0~DA15, SDIO and SCLK are all 3.3V level. However, in  table 6 on page 8, the voltage range of DA0~DA15 and DB0~DB15 are −0.3 V  to +2.0 V.


2. Figure 45 shows dual power supply +/-5V for AD4937. However, the data sheet of AD4937 states that it is single +5V supply. Which one should I follow?


thank you very much.