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ADV7842 E-EDID Segment Pointer

Question asked by DRC on Jun 8, 2011
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In the Hardware Manual (Section 8.4) it says:


"The ADV7842 supports the segment pointer, which is set at device address 0x60 through the DDC bus, and used in

combination with the internal E-EDID address (0xA0) to access the internal E-EDID."
The Segment Pointer allows you to access another block of 128 bytes of data at address 0xA0.
How can I access the Segment Pointer?  I tried reading/writing to I2C slave address 0x60 (which is 0x30 in 7 bits) with a sub-address of 0x00, but the ADV7842doesn't ACK.
I'm able to access the EDID Map over I2C just fine (after setting the slave address in the IOMap).
I want to be able to load 128 bytes of data at SegmentPointer = 0.  Then change SegmentPointer to 1 and load another 128 bytes of data, then change it to 2 and load another 128 bytes, etc (this is what E-EDID is all about).