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How to implement H shift adjustment in ADV7612?

Question asked by Leonz on Jun 8, 2011
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I try to implement the feature of H shift adjustment by setting registers in ADV7612 (CP map:  0x7C,0x7D, 0x7E,0x7F).


I did change the values in 0x7C and 0x7D as of END_HS, or 0x7E and 0x7F as of START_HS, but did not see any shift happening to output. If I set a big value 0x011F to END_HS, can see video disappear from output, which shows those registers actively working.


The video sent to the input of ADV7612 is HDMI, I’m not sure if the shift adjustment can be done with HDMI/DVI video. It is confusing me that adv7612 has those registers, it looks like ADV7612 can do some H or V shift to hdmi video.


Are there any other registers have to be set same in adv7612, following registers are what I have set in my code:


1) 0x01=0x06, (PRIM_MODE: HDMI_GR)

2) 0x02= 0xF2 (RGB color space output)

4) 0x05 = 0x2C ( blank data during h and v blanking period, inserts AV codes into data stream)

5) 0x06 = 0xA7 ( choose DE on DE pin,VS on VS/Field pin,invert LLC)




Leon Zhang