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Sample TalK-Through problem for SHARC 21479 dev kit with AD1939 ADC-DAC

Question asked by khal on Jun 8, 2011
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I have tried the sampled based Talk-Through example code which came with the SHARC 21479 development board that I had purchased. Attached is the example code as given. When I tested the Talk-Through example (running at 96 KHz sampling and using only the right channel (1) for input and output) by passing through a 1KHz sine wave and comparing the analog input (goign toward the board's ADC) with the analog output (coming out of the board's DAC) through an analyser, there was a delay of around 450 micro-seconds. I am not sure this is right as it seems to much of a delay. Tried to modify the example code as it seemed to loop-round 4 input ADC's and 8 output DAC's DMAs which I felt was the source of the delay, without any success I must say. Could you so kindly have a look and modify the attached code so that it deals with only a stereo input and a stereo output only.



Many thanks



PS: I also tried with a 1 KHz square, the outcome was the same which was not a suprise.