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Question asked by AlexThunder on Jun 8, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2013 by Mack

Hallo, I want to use the EZ-KIT LITE evaluation board for a stand-alone application in the PROM boot mode.

The SW2 settings are: 1->ON



The project setting I made are captured in a screen shot.

Project Option General.JPG

Additional loader file settings look like this:

Project Option Load.JPG

After finishing configurations for the project I do a rebuild for the whole project.

Then I open the flash programmer und load from the examples the 21369EzFlashDriver_Parallel.dxe file as driver.

When the flash programmer has loaded the driver successfully, I start to load the ldr file from the project.

Therefore I selected the erase all option and a binary file format as already chosen in the project settings.

Finally I disconnect the evaluation board from Visual DSP und press the reset button. Unfortunately the DSP seems not booting from the PROM. I hope someone can help me with the setting for this.

Regards, Alex.