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Hue adjustment on ADV7842

Question asked by Krishnavinod.k on Nov 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by mattp

I am using DVI Interface of ADV7842 in of our custom design. I am unable to change "HUE" Color Parameter.

Requirements for DVI Interface:

  1) DVI Input to ADV7842 is RGB Full Range

  2) ADV7842 Output is 20 bit ycbcr Limited Range

I am configuring script with Automatic mode of CSR.

I am enabling following settings.

CP_MAP 0x3E[7] -  1 -> Enable color controls

CP_MAP 0x3D[7:0]   // 00000000 hue -90 degrees applied to chroma

                                   // 00001111 hue   0 degrees applied to chroma

                                   // 11111111 hue +90 degrees applied to chroma

I am unable to see any difference in display video colors by changing HUE Color Parameter.


is HUE Color parameter applicable for Automatic mode of CSR?


Please provide a ways to adjust hue color parameter of ADV7842


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