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selectively booting from multiple ldr files in flash

Question asked by esfld on Jun 8, 2011
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I'm working with bf526 on a custom board.


If I understand correctly, I can use the ADI_BOOT_DATA structure, specifically the pSource field, to selectively boot ldr files from different areas in flash.  So e.g. in my init code I could add the command:


pBS -> pSource = (void *) (some address);


Would this allow me to boot a ldr file located at (some address) in flash?  Do I set pSource to the very beginning of the ldr file, or to the first byte of block 1?  Or, is this even the correct approach?


In the default init code, pBS is a pointer to the ADI_BOOT_DATA structure, but I don't see where the pSource field is ever set.  It seems to me that if the init code is dxe0, then at the end of init code, this field should point to the start of dxe1?