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USB LAN Extender not functioning

Question asked by amardeepd on Jun 7, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2011 by CraigG

Hi everyone;


I am having some problems trying to run the examples with the USB LAN extender board (Rev 2.1) on a BF561 EZKit Lite (Rev 2.0)  and working through visual dsp ++ 5.0 (IDDE


I am trying to run the  tcptrace example provided and have run the tcpip config utility to ensure the IP/mask/gateway are all configured correctly. However when I run the dxe the TCPIPTrc app doesnt log any activity. I  am connected to my PC through a LAN switch (with the network disconnected to avoid contention) and it doesnt detect any traffic either (i.e. the light doesnt blink). The LAN Tx/Rx lights on the extender also remain lit constantly and dont flicker to represent attempting to send/receive data.


I have checked the DIP and jumper configurations multiple times against the Readme files included and followed the run instructions included in the readme but still to no avail.


Any help would be fantastic.