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Migrating from bf537 (600MHz) EZ-KIT to custom board with bf537 (500MHz)

Question asked by PGaganoff on Jun 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2011 by CraigG


Our custom design copies EZ-KIT hardware, except processor, which is changed to ADI_PWR_PROC_BF537SBBC1500 (from (ADI_PWR_PROC_BF537SKBC1600).

Software project was initially started and initialized for EZ-KIT. Soon it was migrated to custom board without changing anything.

Everything is going well, but I cant accept that 500MHz processor is running on 600MHz.

I used function

adi_pwr_SetFreq(500000000,125000000, ADI_PWR_DF_NONE);

to set 500MHz, but it seems VDK dont know about it, as all periodic timers was slowed by 20%. It is unacceptable.


Function VDK_GetTickPeriod() returns same value for all frequencies.


Please provide list of necessary steps to migrate from one frequency to another, consider VDK is onboard.


Thanks in advance, Paul