Re: AD8495 with AD7741

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Hi, may I extend this discussion about AD8495?

I try to use AD8495 to measure K type TC from 15 to 1100 deg.C.

The output of AD8495 is about 5.5V at 1100 deg.C.

I will supply 6V to +Vs pin of AD8495.

But for isolation consideration, I plan to connect the output of AD8495 to V/F AD7741.

I choose these two parts for low cost reason.

Unfortunatly, the input range of AD7741 is 2.5V.

For the buffer input of AD7741, I plan to use the resistors (20kohm and 10kohm) to devide the voltage.

I think it is not a good solution for the error increase in CJC.

Please give me some advice. Thank you.