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VisualDSP3.5 & 2181 EZKIT

Question asked by exodius on Jun 5, 2011
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     I change the title to get more accurate with my problem so any1 could find it.


          Finaly, it looks like i'm in need to make a custom monitor for onboard flash, so i can fully use the VisualDSP software ver 3.0

          Please have a look at the latests treads !


Old posts below :

Hi !


I have a software problem for a board that was made long time ago with a ADSP-2185N.

That board was unused since a long time, and i want to use it for a simple filter, so it perfectly fit my new application.


I was using, years ago, the 2181 EZ Kit Lite, wich are dos tools, to compile and link the program. Those lend me a nice .EXE, then a third party loader software was used to send program to the dsp and run it.


I tryed recently VisualDSP++ 3.5, wich lends me .DXE file, so i used elf2aexe in the VisualDSP installation to convert the prog to .EXE

Load it in the board, the prog does not start. (Note : i use -legacy assembler option in project options)


Tryed again the old dos tools, wich lead me to use a dos box to use them, got a .EXE that works.


My problem is, to compile with old DOS tools, i have to send code on an old machine, compile, then get back to my computer to send code to dsp.

Tested with a sample sine generator code, because i'm starting new project, and want to make sure things are OK.


Any advice on how to get elf2aexe working ?


attached :

- C1sin.dsp     Main code

- SYSTEM.K     Include file from main

- C1SIN-WORKING.exe     generated with old dos tools

- C1SIN-NOTW.dxe     generated with visualdsp

- C1SIN-NOTW.exe     generated from above with elf2aexe