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AD9364 SPI Registers

Question asked by Abn87 on Nov 4, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2015 by tlili
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I have an AD9364, i tested it on a zc706, everything works fine.


Now, i would like to use it in a custom design, so i will use your driver for the software part.


And I also need to make an access to the registers through SPI in VHDL. I took an SPI IP from altera to achieve that but their implementation can only transfert 4 bytes at a time.


And I saw that the ad9364 SPI protocol support up to 8bytes (your driver uses max 6 bytes in a single read or write). So my question is do i really need to implement a 6 bytes atomic read/write to the spi registers, or will I just be ok with my 4 bytes?


I think for example to the RSSI reading, that takes 6 bytes, could i read it in two separate reads with no issue (like a refreshing between reads, therefore i would get a wrong value) ? same question with all other ad9364 registers ?