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AD9524 PLL2 is locked, but output is NG

Question asked by williamchen on Jun 3, 2011
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Please see our scheme and give us a clue, thank you!


Here is our design:



1. We don't use REFA and REFB.

2. The VCXO always outputs 10MHz, and don't need OSC_CTRL.

3. The PLL1_OUT is OK(= 10M/2 = 5MHz).

4. PLL2 is locked

    The value of Readback Register (Address: 0x22C) is "1110010".

     It means:    (7) PLL2 reference CLK is OK

                       (6) PLL2 feedback CLK is OK

                       (5) VCXO status is OK

                       (4) REF_TEST is off/clocks are missing

                       (3) REFB is off/clocks are missing

                       (2) REFA is off/clocks are missing

                       (1) PLL2 is Locked

                       (0) PLL1 is unlocked

     The value of Readback Register (Address: 0x22D) is "00001000".

     It means "holdover" is active.


The output of CH2 is 100KHz.

  It seems the input of CH2 divider is 10MHz(10M/100=100K), not 1GHz(1G/100=10M).

  But the value of PLL1 output Control Register (Address: 0x1BB) is set to "0x00", choose the VCO as CH2 divider input.


  Please give us a hint or direction to debug.


  Thank you in advance!


  Best Wishes,