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FIR accelerator on SHARC 21479

Question asked by khal on Jun 3, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2017 by hendrynwmn

I have been reading around the topic of FIR accelerators within the SHARC 21479. It seems not to help if we are intending on using FIR accelerators on a sample by sample basis. If I had an FIR of length 1024 (one filter for left channel and another for right channel). If the left and right channels are interleaved, spacing between left and right channel is (1/200K)s, which means each channel would effectivity be sampled at a 100K. If I use FIR HW accelerator for left and then for right just to do one sample and then come back, I will use most of the time in DMA transfers.


Is there a way of actually copying the coefficients and data once at the beginning and only update the data every sample (i.e. every new sample, the data buffer for each channel is shifted and the new sample written). If this is possible, it will save the continuous DMA and reduce it to one per sample (as we have the two copies of our coefficients and data buffers DMA'ed already). Do you have any code that does this?