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Question asked by Zartagal on Jun 3, 2011
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I have a doubt about how to use the baluns. I have seen in aplication notes that, in the evaluation boards, if you have a SMA conector (like an input or output to the PCB) it's used the balun to convert the unbalanced input (ANNTENA) to a balanced input (a differential input in a CI).


My question is: ¿Can I use a balun, inside the PCB, to convert the unbalanced output of an IC in a balanced signal (that is the input of the next IC in the chain)?


For example:

if I want to connect the output of the ADL5373 (I/Q Modulator) with the ADL5330 (VGA), I will have to convert from un-balanced to balanced. ¿Is a good idea to do that? If you see the document AN-826 the describe in the Figure 15 to connect the single-ended output with the low pin of the differential input, INLO (with ac-coupling) and the INHI (with ac-coupling too) to the ground. ¿When can I use this kind of connection?¿Has it any problem?


Thank you in advance!