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Sample based FIR using SHARC 21479 FIR accelerator

Question asked by khal on Jun 2, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2011 by DeepV


I implemented a 1024 FIR filter routine for both left and right channels separately and when I benchmarked the routine it took around 75% of the processing of the SHARC 21479 (which came with with the dev kit I had bought). I read that there is a way of possibly speeding this process up by using built in FIR acceletrators so my questions are:


1) Is there any example code for doing FIR filtering using accelerators which perform a sample based filtering (i.e., a sample comes in per channel at Fs, buffers are shifted, FIR calculation made and output written to DAC)

2) Is there any sort of optimised library which would be called for speeding up the processing (such buffer swapping, fast Convolution, fast Correlation, to name a few)


Can any one help with the above.