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About ADV212( HIPI-Mode )

Question asked by kyokko on May 30, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2011 by kyokko

I am trying to convert Still Image raw data into data in the "JPEG 2000" format by using the
ADV212 HIPI mode, but it won't work.

I wonder if I could ask you to give me some advice.


1. Phenomenon
    Although I tried to transfer raw data to the "Pixel FIFO" by using DMAC, no transfer request
    (/DREQ) after the initial 1024 bytes (4 bytes X 256) could be active, and also no data could be
    retrieved from the "Code FIFO."


    Similarly, when I tried to have access to it in the Normal Host mode without using DMAC, no
    data after 1024 bytes was able to be written.


    I think there is no problem in the initial setting of the ADV212.
    (It was checked by retrieving the data after writing the setting value of each


    For each signal line (e.g., CS, ACK, or DACK) of HIPI I/F, its timing and voltage level were
    checked by an oscilloscope.

2. Settings and others
    ・Still Image Encode ( RAW → JPEG 2000 ), Reversible
    ・HIPI mode ( HDATA BUS 32bit )
    ・DMA (DCS mode or Burst DREQ/DACK DMA mode)
    ・Image Data: 640×480, 14 bits, single-component
    ・Clock: MCLK=20MHz, JCLK=100MHz
    ・Type: ADV212BBCZ-115
    ・Firmware: encode_2_13_0.sea

3. Points to be clarified
    1) Is there any necessary processing after the transfer to the "Pixel FIFO?"

    2) I have transferred the format of raw data in the following order:
      Do you think this order is all right?

      "Transfer the top left pixel in the row direction to the right (640 pixels), and the following
      rows in the same way until the last row (480th row)."

    3) Does the source raw data need a header?
      Although the materials describe a header (16 bytes), is it needed for the source raw data?

      In addition, in what format should a header be?
      It seems to me that the description on page 4 in "ADV202_HIPI_mode_rev03.pdf" is
      different from that on page 2 in "TechNote_ADV202_output_format_1.pdf."

    4) In what timing the encode performance should be done?

      I think that it is when the data of 1frame(XTOT*YTOT) is transferred to the "Pixel FIFO"
      that it is encoded into the "JPEG 2000" format.

      After then, I think that the converted data is set to the "Code FIFO," but in addition, is it
      necessary to trigger the encode?

    5) The content of the "EIRQFLG" register
      If it is retrieved after the occurrence of a phenomenon, it will be "0x5029."
      It is different from what is described on page 31 in "ADV212_UserGuide_Rev1.1.pdf," are
      there any other meanings in it.

      The initial setting value is "0x000F."

4. Others
    Applicable image size:
    Although 640x480 pixel data is used for evaluating the ADV212, 4872x3248 pixel data will be
    covered for a real machine.

    According to the data sheet, the maximum applicable size is 4096x4096 pixels, but is it
    possible to apply to 4872x3248 pixels by using two or more ADV212s?

5. Setting values of registers/parameters
    1) Direct Registers
      ・EIRQIE               0x00000400
      ・BUSMODE         0x0000000A
      ・MMODE             0x0000000A
      ・BOOT                 0x0000008D
      ・PLL_HI               0x00000008
      ・PLL_LO              0x00000005


    2) Indirect Registers
      ・PMODE1            0x03180000
      ・XTOT                  0x02800000
      ・YTOT                 0x01E00000
      ・VMODE              0x00120000
      ・EDMOD0            0x01110000
      ・EDMOD1            0x01130000
      ・FFTHRP             0x00400000
      ・FFTHRC             0x00400000
      ・FFTHRA             0x00400000


    3) Parameters
      ・VFORMAT               0x04
      ・PREC                      0x00
      ・XFORMLEV              0x05
      ・UNI                          0x03
      ・CBSIZE                    0x01
      ・WKERNEL_QUANT   0x01
      ・STALLPAR               0x00
      ・ATTRTYPE               0x00
      ・RCTYPE                  0x00
      ・RCVAL                   0x000000
      ・J2KPROG                0x00
      ・QFACT                    0x00
      ・COD_STYLE            0x00