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CC1458: Fatal error: could not obtain license

Question asked by Mikejl on May 26, 2011
Latest reply on May 27, 2011 by ColinJ

I have an Engineer who has started getting this error message.  I found this fix in a search below and have not been successful adding the Vendor daemon port to the license file.  I already had a port included for the lmgrd.


"Our apologies not responding to this message for this long time.
You are correct that these are the other reasons you will see this error as well.
As you are aware of, we have encountered customers receiving this error in the past where cause was due to using a floating license over a slow or

busy network. Unfortunately, we do not have a selectable time-out setting in VisualDSP++ or FlexLM as you mentioned, instead we have a workaround

that you can try for this problem which may be caused by the client PC failing to see your server on the network.

First, we would suggest that you try specifying which ports our licensing daemons ('lmgrd' and 'analogd') should use in the license.dat files on the

server and client machine.
To configure exactly which ports should be used by these daemons please make the following changes to the license.dat files:
Modify the SERVER line in both the client and server license.dat files
SERVER server-name DISK_SERIAL_NUM=12345678
SERVER server-name DISK_SERIAL_NUM=12345678 xxxxx
Where xxxxx is the port to be used for the lmgrd daemon.
Add a VENDOR line in both the client and server license.dat files
VENDOR analogd C:\PROGRA~1\ANALOG~1\VISUAL~1\LMSERVER\analogd.exe PORT xxxx
Where xxxx is the port to be used for the analogd daemon. The VENDOR line should be placed directly after the SERVER line.
NOTE: the server must be restarted for this to take effect. You will also need to modify the license.dat file on all other client machines.
Port numbers can range from 0 - 64000. It is recommended that you choose a port number outside the 27000 through 27009 range. Also some of the lower

port numbers are reserved so you should have an idea what ports are not being used before assigning a port. Going with a higher port number is



Any thoughts?


Mike Larson