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how to mesure the supply current ?

Question asked by Tarzan on May 26, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2011 by Tarzan

Hi all,

I'm evaluating the supply current for AD8602: Precision CMOSSingle-Supply, Rail-to-Rail Amplifier.

But I wonder whether I can evaluate it correctly and my circuit is suitable.

It would be very appriciated giving me some advice.

Please refer to the figure.

(Voltage follower, Vin+=GND, Vin- is tied to Vout, No Road)


And I have one more thing to make sure.

The datasheet says  the condition of supply current is mesured with Vout=0V.

But Vout of my circuit is not 0V. There is 0.8mV.

I think It is due to saturated Vout range and Voffset.

Is it possible to set 0V?



Supply current.bmp