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Question asked by dmann on May 26, 2011
Latest reply on May 27, 2011 by dmann

I'm working on a an application that makes use of the BF 527 hosting a mass storage device. I've found that with the FSS loaded and a file opened (i.e. adi_fss_fileOpen()) that the removal of the usb memory stick causes the program to hang at:


// FILE: adi_usb_hdrc.c (VDSP 5.0 Update 9 Release )


3515          /* check if FIFO is empty or not */
3516           if(*pUSB_TXCSR & (1 << 1))
3517           {
3518               /* only for the bulk endpoints we will wait */
3519           if(IS_BULK(pEpO->pEndpointDesc->bAttributes))
3520                      while(*pUSB_TXCSR & (1 << 1)) ;               <---HANGS HERE !!!!!!
3521           else
3522                   *pUSB_TXCSR |= (1 << 3);


3524           }


I have a callback that detects the removal of the device (i.e. case ADI_FSS_EVENT_VOLUME_UNMOUNT), but I have been unable to take the corrective action to keep from hanging at the line indicated above. The way I am handling this currently is using by starting the watchdog timer to generate an interrupt as soon as the unmount occurs. There is a timer callback the receives the event from the watchdog interrupt, then sets *pUSB_TXCSR = 0x0, and stops the watchdog timer. This does not work. Can anyone offer any advise to handle this situation?