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Programming a Blackfin ADSP-BF518F

Question asked by aa1008 on May 25, 2011
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I have tried to program the flash memory in EZ-Lite with my firmware which I developed. I followed steps written in the Application Note EE-239 but unfortuenately is not working. First I would like to describe the process I used to program the flash memory:


1- Since I want to program the flash memory on the EZ-Lite, I ensured that that the boot mode select switch is set correct and for my example it is set to position 1 which is "Boot from 8 or 16-bit external flash memory".


2- I went ahead and changed the project options of my firmware and done the following:


Creating a Boot Stream
2.a. In Project->Project Options, on the Project tab, under Target, change Type to DSP loader file.
2.b. On the Load tab, set Boot mode to Flash and set Output width to 16-bit.
2.c. On the Load tab under Boot kernel options, clear the Use boot kernel option.
2.d. On the Load tab under ROM splitter options, ensure that Enable ROM splitter is not selected.
2.e. Close the Project Options dialog box.
2.f. Save project changes via Project->Save.
2.g. Rebuild the project.


3- Then I programmed the flash by running the following steps:


Programming the Boot Stream into the EZ-KIT Lite Board
1. Select Tools->Flash Programmer. The Flash Programmer window opens.
2. In the Driver File field, browse to the file …\Blackfin\Examples\ADSP-BF518F EZ-Board\Flash Programmer\Parallel\BF518FEzFlashDriver_M29W320EB.dxe
3. Click on Load Driver. The Status circle will change to blue with "Success: Driver loaded"
4. In the Programming tab under Data File field, browse to the file Debug\ProjectXY.ldr
5. Then Click on the program button to program the flash and I see the used area percentage and in the message center I read the message "Success: Program complete."


After finishing all these process. When I power down the EZ-lite and gain power it up then my program is not working which means it is not correctly uploaded. Does anyone have idea if I done the steps right or wrong? and why it is not working?


Please note that I have VisualDSP++  5.0  Update 9.