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synchronisation of two AD9832 (same starttime)

Question asked by StudentAB on May 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2011 by StudentAB

I have two frequences (2 KHz and 2.0000001 KHz).

After 2sek. I  reset the to AD9832  to begin new.


the phase between the first pulses, after reset, must be zero.


Because it is for a sampling down converter and I must sample only the first 1% of a signal.


the first AD ist the startpoint for a pulser, the second is the timeing for the sampling down part.


the two AD9832 habe the same MCLK




I need this


Ad1:  ________________I________________I________________I________________I___

reset: ________________I________________I_

Ad2:  ________________I_________________I_________________I_________________I

reset: ________________I_________________I



I have this

Ad1:  ________________I________________I________________I________________I___

reset: ________________I________________I_

Ad2:  ___________I_________________I_________________I_________________I_____

reset: ___________I_________________I_____


or this

Ad1:   ________________I________________I________________I________________I___

reset:  ________________I________________I_

Ad2:   ______I_________________I_________________I_________________I__________

reset:  ______I_________________I__________


what can I make?