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Xilinx AC701 issues with FMCOMMS4

Question asked by Raptor99 on Nov 3, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2015 by DragosB

I'm trying to get a Xilinx AC701 Artix eval kit up and running with FMCOMMS4.


I'm using the 2015 R1 release with no OS software.


The only changes I've made to the software are to set the flags for AD9364 in config.h and main.c.


I'm able to make a serial connection to the FPGA with putty but the only command I can successfully run is 'help?'


Some commands I've tried return 0, including rx_lo_freq. When I try to change the rx_samp_freq, I get a calibration error (See attached screenshot). Basically I get the calibration table with all # signs and ad9361_dig_tune tuning RX failed! error.


I have gotten the same set up working properly with a zc706 board, with the obvious difference being a Zynq hard processor vs the Artix microblaze. It seems like the microblaze is unable to communicate with the FMCOMMS4 (physical connection via FMC seems fine).


Is this a valid setup? Any insight on how to resolve this error would be appreciated.