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FMCOMMS3 MATLAB Streaming Error

Question asked by jmreneau on Nov 3, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by ACozma

I have followed the instructions on the Analog Wiki regarding streaming data from the FMCOMMS3 (with Zedboard) and MATLAB however when I run the scripts that I have downloaded I receive a Matlab Error popup window that says: "There was an error loading the library "libiio" The specified Module could not be found."  I am running MATLAB R2015b.  My connection between the computer and zedboard is functional.  I have installed Windows 7 SDK for my C complier.  I have the libiio modules libiio_if.m,iio_sys-obj_matlab.m, iio_sys_obj.m, iio.h, ad9361.cfg and ad9361_matlab.m files in the current directory that I am executing the ad9361_matlab.m file from.  It appears that matlab doesnt' know where the library is and I'm not sure how to check this.