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ADXL375 Noise

Question asked by Thomas- on Nov 3, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by storob


Recently I use ADXL375, I'm communicating with the ADXL375 over SPI (4 wire) using a TMS320 F28069 texas intrumentDSP.

ODR = 3200Hz.

First : i found two offset adjustments in datasheet: p21 register 1E,1F, 20   scale factor 0.192 g/LSB

                                                                         p28 OFFSET CALIBRATION 1.56 g/LSB (but i thinks is mistake 0.156 g/LSB)

          what is the right factors ?

Two : I've a lot of noise, the noise earth gravity sample measured  +/- 3g !!! (but sensitivity is good)


         How can limit/lessen the noise ?

noise gravity.PNG

The average are 20.0256 LSB ===> 0.94 g