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ADV7403 Component Processor (CP) muxing Question

Question asked by Redders on May 24, 2011
Latest reply on May 25, 2011 by Redders

I have a requirement for a wideband PAL input in square pixel mode (7.2MHz max signal). Previously I used the ADV7188 but the Standard definition (SD) decoders attenuate any signal above 6.25MHz.


I am now using the ADV7403 and routing the CVBS video into AIN6 (Y in component input). This routes the video through the Component Processor (CP) path which neatly passes the 7.2MHz signal.


But I need to switch a second CVBS input through this CP path. I tried setting up the manual multiplexing to input AIN10 but I could not get it to work. I also tried a few other AIN inputs with the same result.


Can I route another input (other than AIN6) through the CP?



Wideband Register settings :-


0x05       Primary Mode                   01           Turn on Component mode.

0x06       Video Standard                 03           625i 4x2 (1440x576)

0x3C      TTLC Control                       53           Increase PLL Pump charge

0x87       CP TLLC Control 1             E7           Set PLL divider ratio

0x88       CP TLLC Control 2             60           Set PLL divider ratio

0x8A      CP TLLC Control 4             90           Enable manual VCO range