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BF531 CPLB cache Flash problem or not

Question asked by rmbastos on May 24, 2011
Latest reply on May 31, 2011 by PrasanthR



I'm starting developind with BF531, using VDSP++ 5, update 9. My system has 8MBytes of external memory and 4MBytes Nor Flash.

In loader file, memory is setup according EE-326, for systems using less than 16MBytes.


When in CPLB file I have:

{0x20000000, (PAGE_SIZE_1MB | CACHE_MEM_MODE)}

I can see correct values in VDSP (see 1_Dump_CacheEnable.jpg) but are not written in flash.


but when I change the address in CPLB to

{0x20000000, (PAGE_SIZE_1MB | CPLB_DNOCACHE)},

I see wrong values in VDSP (see 1_Dump_CacheDisable.jpg) but they are written properly in flash.



Anyone know why this happens.