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ADSP-TS201 print statements

Question asked by Griff241 on May 20, 2011
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Please go easy on me since I am a beginner in regards to these processors and DSPs.  Anyway, I am working on an embedded ADSP-TS201 that does not have a video card or display associated with it.  I am trying to run a program similiar to this to verify the clock rate:


I can get my program to compile and run in VisualDSP++ as a Simulator and see the output.  However, I would like to run the program on the actual hardware.  I have a PC connected to the ADSP-TS201 over PCI and through this interface I can install and run the program on the hardware via the Bittware Configuration Manager.  Nonetheless, I have no idea how to see the print statements.  Is this something that can be accomplished via the Diag21k utility?  I may be completely off track but any help is greatly appreciated.