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ADSP-BF561 Video Project

Question asked by UnNaM3D on May 20, 2011
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I have a big problem with the Video Input-Output (C) project on ADSP-BF561 EZ-KIT Lite.
I have to do a project which takes a video signal from a video camera, implement some movement detection, and display the video stream on the screen.
I have to mention that I'm from Europe, so my video camera and video projector have a PAL video format (Probably PAL D because I'm from Romania).
Let me explain my setup first:
     - My KIT is ADSP-BF561 EZ-KIT LITE REV. 2.3 (2007)
     - I have a video camera PANASONIC NV-GS60EP-S which has a PAL video system(I don't know which type. I don't have the user manual at this moment but if you want this information please let me know. I've read once the user manual and I SUPPOSE it's PAL D, but I'm not sure).
     - I have a video projector from InFocus.
     - I have VisualDSP++ 5.0 update 9
     - I found the Video Input-Output (C) in VisualDSP directories
     - I read the readme file from the project and did the next things:
     1. My EZ KIT version is rev 2.3 so to disable the internal regulation I've added the next code in Core A/main.c to set the FREQ[1:0] bits in VR_CTL to 00:
// unblock Core B if dual core operation is desired
*pSICA_SYSCR &= 0xFFDF; // clear bit 5 to unlock
short VR_CTL_val;
VR_CTL_val = *pVR_CTL;
VR_CTL_val &= 0xFFFC;     //Set FREQ[1:0] to 00
*pVR_CTL = VR_CTL_val;
// set Clocks
Set_PLL( (short)(CORECLK/CLKIN), (short)(CORECLK/SYSCLK));     // sets Core and System Clocks to the values defined in system.h
// initialise SDRAM
     2. I've added the next code in Core B/main.c also to set the FREQ[1:0] bits in VR_CTL to 00:
void main() {
short VR_CTL_val;
VR_CTL_val = *pVR_CTL;
VR_CTL_val &= 0xFFFC;     //Set FREQ[1:0] to 00
*pVR_CTL = VR_CTL_val;
// set Clocks
Set_PLL( (short)(CORECLK/CLKIN), (short)(CORECLK/SYSCLK));
     3. I removed the JUMPER JP2 and set the JP3 on position 1 and 2 to select the on-board external regulator
     4. I connected the video PAL output of the video camera to the bottom right connector of J6 (video in/out jack)
     5. I connected the PAL video projector to the video output jack (top middle connector of J6)
     6. I did the following settings:
          - Dipswitch SW5: set #1 to "off", all others to on
          - Dipswitch SW2: set #2,3,5 to "off", #1,4,6 to on
          - Dipswitch SW3: set #1,4 to "off", #2,3 to on
     7. Other configurations are:
          - JP1 on position 1 and 2
          - SW4: 1, 2, 3, 4 ON - 5, 6 OFF
          - SW13: 1, 2 ON
     8. Under the "Project" tab, select "Build Project"
     9. Hit the "multiprocessor run".
The problem is that the video projector doesn't display anything.
I've tried to make the following modifications:
     - Set #define PIXEL_PER_LINE  (864) and LINES_PER_FRAME (625) in system.h (because PPI_CLK = (864 * 625 * 25) *2 = 27 MHz. -> - NO RESULTS
     - Set JP1 2 and 3 on to synchronize the encoder and decoder clock. Also set SW5 to ON ON OFF ON to set PPI0 27 MHZ oscillator and PPI1's clock = PPI0's output clock - NO RESULTS
I'm thinking if the Video Encoder and Decoder's settings have to be changed for PAL video signal.
I also have a Pinnacle video capture card.
I posted my problem few months ago and nobody solved my problem.
I've done some others modifications which you can find them in my older post
The only thing I've managed to work is to display a black&white image, but from time to time the video is missing some frames (probably some sinchronization issues).
I saw that my KIT doesn't provide functionality for framing an ITU-R 656 output stream. In TX Mode whit no external frame syncs the buffers are send as they are in memory throught the PPI1 to the Video Encoder. I don't manage to understand why the output is not OK.
Can you attach me a working project on PAL video cameras?
I have to mention that this project is very important to me, because it reprezents my graduation thesis. Please help me!