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BF527 - USB device is not running after load file in flash memory

Question asked by Ericles on May 20, 2011
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I'm using the Ez-kit BF527, chip revision 0.0 and I'm developing a project in which the USB interface has been used.

The project is running without any errors under Debug and Release modes. But, when I generate a loader file to boot from flah memory the usb device is not detected by the host. The host show a message: that was impossible detect a ID descriptor from USB device and so, it not close a conexion.
Below I am describing the configurations enabled in my project:
  1. External memory SDRAM - 32MB;
  2. Cache Instruction;
  3. Boot mode: Flash/PROM;
  4. Boot format: Intel hex, but I have been tried the bin format, too ;
  5. Output width: 16-bit;
  6. Anything optmization is enabled;
  7. System heap:  L1 2KB;
  8. System stack: L1 2KB;
  9. User heap:     L1 8KB;
So far, I have tested load the "bulk_loopback_app_bf527" available in the path: \...Analog Devices\...\Examples... but unfortunatelly the USB device is not detected by host.
  1. I am using VisualDSP++ 5.0, update 9, but I have tryed the updates 7.
  2. The problem is not in load file (I think) because I created a simple project to blink leds and it is running when the target is started.
So, I would appreciate any suggestions to the possible cause and a possible solution for this issue.
I thank everyone in advance.