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EZ KIT 21262 lite , GPIO as 3.3V supply

Question asked by Felipe.Sarmiento on May 20, 2011
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I'm currently working with the EZ KIT 21262 lite, we have designed a small  microphones module that outputs in I2S, we are planning on using  the P3 header to connect our module, the only open issue is the supply voltage of the module(3.3V) since the P3 Header doesn't provide a pin for power supply.

An experienced designer suggested to me, to use a GPIO to supply the voltage, I understand that any of the DAI pins may be connected as GPIO and can also be set to drive a high or low logic level signal, the microphone module consumes quite low currents (=~ 6mA), however I'm not sure about this connection, I would appreciate any suggestions about this open issue.