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Regarding the TWI issue in BF527 Processor

Question asked by Arumugam on May 19, 2011
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In my design,I'm using the BF527 processor and I have almost 5 peripherals like HDMI,Tuner,GPIO Expander etc devices in my system and it is controlling by BF527 using TWI controller.The SCL frequency for all the devices are less than or equal to 100KHz.The Trace length of the SDA and SCL line is almost 20inch+2 feet cable to interface the Tuner device.I was implemented the test code in VDSP 5.0 Environment and I was tested all my peripherals using TWI and it works almost 80% of time .Remaining 20% of time it is not working and TWI master status register shows an error as Bus Arbitration error.But in my system I have only one master and it BF527 only for TWI.


Is there any integrity issue in TWI section.If so how can I solve this issue?.

Shall I put any shunt capacitance at SCL and SDA line to arrest the sudden spike in my system


Do you have any suggestions to solve this issue.


Thanks in Advance-Arumugam