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replace signal.h interrupt architecture in VDK application

Question asked by johnmurray on May 19, 2011
Latest reply on May 26, 2011 by johnmurray

I am trying to move the Block and Sample based examples for the Sharc ADSP-21479 to a VDK framework.


In my initialisation thread I call the main() function from the examples to setup the ISR...

void TalkThrough_main()


initPLL_SDRAM(); // initialize the PLL and SDRAM controller


// Initialize DAI because the SPORT and SPI signals
// need to be routed


// This function will configure the AD1939 codec on the 21479 EZ-KIT


// Unmask SPORT1 RX ISR Interrupt
interrupts(SIG_SP1, process_AD1939_samples);




but the ISR routine process_AD1939_samples is never called.

Reading the documentation I noticed that signal.h is not supported by VDK, is this my problem?


How can I setup the ISR for receiving audio from the DAC in a VDK app?

Do I need to add a New Interrupt under the Kernel tab?