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SigmaStudio Select Filter Curve

Question asked by munoz0raul on May 19, 2011
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I saw a example that show a potentiometer plugged in ADC to control a high pass filter level.


C:\Program Files\Analog Devices Inc\SigmaStudio 3.2\Sample Schematics\ADAU170x\GPIO Examples\AuxADC_FilterSelect.dspproj


adc example.JPG

At this example when I change the potentiometer to UP or to down the FILTER LEVEL follow the potentiometer level.


Now I did a project tha apply a high pass filter and low pass filter at my sound and I can change the hig filter level and low pass level when I switch the Switch1 and the Switch2.


my project.JPG


That work great but At this example I just can go UP with the FILTER LEVEL and when I go to the last filter curve I go back to the first curve.


What I need to do is make this project that I have work similar the first example (CHANGE THE FILTER LEVEL TO UP OR DOWN), but not with a ADC input (potentiometer), with a internal SigmaStudio block that I can in the future change the parameter by I2C.


Thanks for all Help.