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BF-512 SPORT problem in multichannel mode

Question asked by mik22 on May 19, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2011 by Prashant

Hi, I'm using SPORT to receive data form 8-channel 24-bit ADC, 4 channels are always powered down, so I'm using first four channels. SPORT1 is configured to work in multichannel mode and receive a sequence of four 24-bit words starting from MSB. The problem occurs in first channel data, it's always positive like the first (sign) bit of the sequence is screwed up, like it's always zero, although according to oscilloscope data coming into Blackfin's SPORT1 is ok. Other channels work just fine, their data is in accordance with an input signals. So I can't figure it out if it's my mistake in configuration or some kind of anomaly? Another thing is that almost the same configuration works without a hitch on BF-537 with the same ADC.


The configuration I'm using:


*pSPORT1_RCR1 = 0x4604;

*pSPORT1_RCR2 = 0x0017;

*pSPORT1_RCLKDIV = 0x0024;

*pSPORT1_TCR1 = 0x4604;

*pSPORT1_TCR2 = 0x0017;


*pSPORT1_MCMC1 = 0x0
*pSPORT1_MCMC2 = 0x001C;
*pSPORT1_MRCS0 = 0x0000000F;


*pDMA5_CONFIG = 0x10FA;
*pDMA5_X_MODIFY = 0x4;
*pDMA5_X_COUNT = 0x800;
*pDMA5_Y_MODIFY = 0xC;
*pDMA5_Y_COUNT = 0x2;
*pDMA5_START_ADDR = 0xFF800000;