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LWIP stack_init()

Question asked by ksweet on May 17, 2011
Latest reply on May 19, 2011 by ksweet

I'm posting this question in the Development Tools forum because I feel that I have missed something in the environment/IDE that is leading to the issue.


I've successfully built and deployed my project on another PC and it worked.  After buildilng the code on a new PC, the stack_init() function does not return.  The device manager may be involved, but I don't have a good understanding of the device manager.  Both PCs are using Visual DSP++ 5.0 Update 8.  Everything seems identical between the good system and the bad system.  I am using the same physical DSP, main board, emulator, source code files, project files, lwip and ethernet *.dlb, even the same .dxe files.


What could cause my stack_init() function to get hung up at run time?  Are there any IDE settings or anything else I should be concerned about?