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ADV7802 Disable Blue Output

Question asked by RyanW on May 17, 2011
Latest reply on May 17, 2011 by RyanW

Hi all,


I'm feeding the ADV7802 with composite input.  When the input is lost the output goes to blue.  I would like to change this to output black... ideally I'd like the data out pins to be tristated but I do not believe this is possible.  I do not see any settings in the SDP to change the default output color.  I have tried changing the registers in the CP 0xBF-0xC2 with no effect...  I'm assuming this is because I'm using the SDP.


The output of the ADV7802 is going into a framesync which we would like to freeze on the last image received before input was lost.  Currently when input is lost I'm getting blue video through the device.  Not the behavior we need!


Any help would be much appreciated.