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Uart3 Rx interrupt

Question asked by jacob on May 15, 2011
Latest reply on May 23, 2011 by Prashant


I am using BF 548 Ez kit.

It is several months that i am using UART3 as a communication port between the Ez kit and another platform. (my own platform).

all the configurations were made (uart, DMA, divisors, etc')... and the system was working great. didn't encounter any problems with the UART after it was well defined.


I have also defined UART1 as a communication port to the PC. this was and still working fine. both UART channels were configurated the same (using the same parameters).


Two days ago UART3 Rx stopped working. it does not get any interrupt requests anymore.

NO SW changes were made regurding the Rx communication.


a few parameters:

Sclk = 100M

Cclk = 400M


all the corresponding divisors were also properly defined.


i am measuing the signal received at the UART3 Rx port connector, and it has the BW required. (no problems with the transmiter)


i have checked the: cable, DMA, SW parameters, signal received). didn't find the problem there.


Where else might i find the problem?


Any help would be highly appritiated.