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Unable to get test pattern at the output of ADV7441A

Question asked by Vijetha on Nov 3, 2015
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I am using the Video decoder IC of part number ADV7441ABSTZ in my design. Following is the INPUT and OUTPUT sections of the IC



INPUT : 2 input sections are used. VGA input is connected to AIN1,2,3 input pins.

DVI-I Inputs are connected to RXA pins.



OUTPUT : The digital ouput are connected to FPGA IO pins(ALTERA, ARRIA V).



We have configured the IC to take VGA inputs by default. The IC is configured to send BLUE color test pattern to FPGA. But currently we do not detect any test pattern at the IC output.



Can you suggest the register configurations to send test patterns at IC output, when 2 inputs (AIN and RXA) are used.