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ADV7393 ADV7392 RGB

Question asked by emanuele.cardani on May 16, 2011
Latest reply on May 17, 2011 by DaveD

I would like to interface the AVD7393 in RGB mode to a BF548. Is possible to do that?


I've noticed that the input clock is 27 Mhz but the data rate is 13,5 Mhz (one data is stretched for two clock pulses).


One possible solution can be to use a 27Mhz local oscillatar connected to the adv7393 and to the a divider in order to generate the 13,5 Mhz necessary for the EPPI.

Will this solution work and fits all timing requirement?


Looking at the adv7393 datasheet I can't understand the RGB input format. Is the RGB image planar or interlaced? What about the blanking (or blak padding)?

PAL active data is 720x576 pixel. But the whole frame (active and blanking) is 864x625 so, I suppose, that extra blanking line must be padded as in YUV format.